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Did you know that 33% of the Law of Attraction depends on your home environment!? I know, it’s pretty mind-blowing.

While our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are all important we must not forget about the role our environment plays in shaping them. Most of us are completely unaware that 1/3 of what we attract is driven by our surroundings.

Keeping a positive mindset is essential when practicing the Law of Attraction; We attract what we put out into the world. Which is why maintaining a healthy mental attitude will only help manifest what we want faster.

If you’re walking around feeling negative, unhappy, and filled with self-doubt, you will only attract the same. If your thoughts and feelings are not in alignment with what you desire, you are miscreating.

This isn’t anything you haven’t already heard but did you know its only part of how this all works?

So many of us are doing everything else right and can’t quite figure out why we’re still not attracting the life we desire.

If you’re someone who is meditating regularly, creates vision boards and keeps your thoughts clean but the life you desire is still in the distance, you might need to make some adjustments to your home.

A few simple changes and the miracles start to unfold. It really is remarkable. I’ve seen it happen in my own life and have had the joy of watching it happen for my clients.

Feng Shui & The Law of Attraction


Before I dig into Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction, it’s important to understand a few things about how our minds work.

In order to calm your mind and get to that place of positive thinking, you must first understand that when your mind is active it’s in a beta brainwave state. Beta brainwaves adopt the energy of your environment. Everything in your immediate surroundings will be adopted and replicated in your mind. So, it’s important to understand that in order to balance your mind you must also balance the energy in your home.

In Feng Shui there are 3 levels to the Law of Attraction:


  1. Heavenly Luck- This is your soul (your talent and soul purpose)
  2. Human Luck- This is your mindset (thoughts, feelings and beliefs)
  3. Earth Luck- Home environment

When thinking of these three levels you can easily understand the next three steps to help enhance your Law of Attraction within each level;


  1. Meditation to connect with your higher self and engage in your soul purpose
  2. Gratitude to keep your thinking and feelings positive
  3. Feng Shui your home to be in alignment with what you are trying to manifest

Meditation to Connect to Your Higher Self


Connecting to yourself on a deeper level- and grounding yourself in the present moment – unlocks hidden potential as well as a better understanding of who you are, and what you are here to do.

We must quiet the outside world in order to best tap into the strength and talents that lie within us. Meditation is the best way to do this and over time is proven to enhance your life in many other ways.

Looking for better rest? Meditation is nature’s sleep aid.

Looking to stay more focused? Meditation is nature’s Adderall.

Looking to attract your best life? Meditation is one tool to help get you there.

A Mindset of Gratitude


Keeping your thoughts positive can be the biggest challenge for people.

We’re hard-wired to survive and therefore our thoughts go to fight or flight mode on auto pilot. We’re designed to use fear as a defense mechanism and survival tactic but we are no longer in need of such reactionary thinking.

Our society has evolved and with that our minds need to evolve too. We must work at changing this pattern in our thinking.

The best way to reprogram your mind is to start with the simple concept of Gratitude. Giving thanks for the positive things in your life opens your mind to more positive thinking. Gratitude grows over time and becomes your auto-response in place of fear.

Feng Shui to Manifest


And finally, aligning your home environment with what you are trying to manifest.

Let’s say you have the last two things mastered; You meditate daily and your thoughts are staying positive throughout the day by practicing gratitude. You’re focused on what you want in life and you’re taking action each day to get there but you’re still not getting what you desire. Or, you might be someone that is trying to master these steps but you can’t quite get into a deep meditation or change your thinking no matter what you try.

It’s time to take a look at your surroundings.

I often go into my client’s homes and almost instantly find things out of alignment. These are everyday things that disappear to us in our busy daily lives but they are not invisible to the energetic world we live in.

There are so many ways in which we can shift the energetic field in our homes. I’ll dive in deeper in an upcoming blog but want to provide a few examples of some simple changes that can shift the energy and move you closer to attaining the abundant life you are meant to live…

I’ll start with wealth since most of us are in search of more of it and want to attract more in our lives.

The first space to look to is our entryway. Curb appeal is everything!

Not just for appearances in the neighborhood but for how it makes you feel when you return home each day.

If you’re trying to attract more wealth, you need to feel as though you’re already wealthy.

Arriving home to find a beautifully manicured lawn, fresh flowers in planters, freshly painted front door and new doormat all bring feelings of wealth and welcome. It triggers feelings of joy, pride and relaxation as you enter your home and those same feelings are carried inside.

Now imagine the opposite; You arrive home to a broken screen door, dead plants in the planter or none at all, a worn-out doormat you bought over a year ago and a lawn that’s in desperate need of help.

You are left feeling deflated and depressed and your mind instantly wanders to a list of questions and into a scarcity mindset…

“I need to hire a landscaper,”…

“Should I buy a new plant?”…

“I really need a new door but that costs a few hundred dollars,”…

“Man, I really need a new doormat, Can I afford all of this?”…

These thoughts are all negative and start spinning you into more thoughts that lead nowhere but a long road of negativity. All of those negative thoughts and feelings are now carried inside.

It’s important to remember that our thoughts and feelings carry their own energy and we get to choose which ones we bring into our homes.

Once we are inside we should feel relaxed and welcomed in the entryway.

It should be well lit, organized and clutter free; A nice open space is much more inviting than a cluttered dark one.

Imagine how you would feel at your wealthiest, living in your dream home! There’s no cluttered coat hook, no shoes lying around and it’s well lit, open and inviting. You feel wealthy, happy and relaxed to be home.

This concept should be used throughout every room in your home.

The first principle in Feng Shui is always to declutter and Simplify.

Remove anything that is broken or worn down., everything has an expiration date.

If you’re holding onto broken things you are telling yourself and translating to the universe that you’re not worthy of a new one, you can’t afford a new one, or that you don’t need a new one.

Like attracts like. If something makes you feel badly, remove it. Don’t worry about replacing these things. Just let it go and the space you have opened up will allow the universe to bring you the new one.

We don’t always know how these things will come to us but that’s part of it too. Releasing any fear of the unknown. When we get rid of something with a knowing that we are being provided for, things start to appear in magical and unexpected ways.

This is such an important topic to understand if you’re trying to practice the Law of Attraction.

Start creating the life that you desire by ridding your home of anything that isn’t in alignment with what you want. Make space for all of the new to come in.

Start with one small thing and that will trigger the next and hopefully lead you to clearing your space to look and feel more like the home you wish for.

You are the artist of your life. You get to choose the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that help paint your masterpiece.

We all have the capability to create the life of our dreams. Dropping limiting beliefs and creating space in the physical world contribute equally to attracting what we desire.

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