I going to help you change the way you feel and experience your home. 

Whether you realize it or not, your home is a complete sensory experience. From the minute we step in the door we are met with what we smell, see, feel and hear. We instantly feel relaxed, calm, happy or the contrary. Making mindful choices about how we experience our environment has a lasting effect on our emotional and physical health and it’s very easy to accomplish.

You may not know this, but scent–although sometimes overpowered by the other senses–is actually the strongest sense of all. Smell is the only one of the five senses with a direct pathway to the brain, almost instantly impacting the way we feel.

When we first smell something the scent triggers three areas of the brain. First is the orbitofrontal cortex which is basically the awareness of scent. Next is the hippocampus which affects memory. And lastly the amygdala which controls our moods and emotions.

I love the smell of mint. It instantly brings back memories of time spent with my grandfather in his garden. He would pick it fresh from the ground, wipe it gently and pop it in his mouth telling me it was nature’s toothpaste. I like to use it now in my hot tea. Catching the scent each time I sip I’m flooded with a warm and happy feeling. This is the hippocampus at work triggering the sweet memory of my grandfather. The amygdala engages releasing dopamine and serotonin. Ahhhh…Nature’s drug.

Finding the right scent for your home is really quite simple. There is virtually a scent for everything we need in our lives. There’s a good reason the essential oil business made such a big impact over the past few years. It works. 

Below is a list of scents and the effects they have on our physical well being but don’t forget about good old fresh air. None of us gets enough time outdoors and in this social distancing climate we need to make the indoor air as healthy as possible.

Fresh air although odorless is filled with clean particles and oxygen making it a good neutralizer of odors. Open some windows to allow clean air in and detoxify the air w/out the use of harmful deodorizers and room sprays. Also, the scent of plants and trees is proven to help us feel calmer, more alert and happier.

Before you run out and buy a million room sprays and candles please keep in mind that they should be chosen carefully. Soy based candles and essential oils are my go to. Never heavily fragranced and selected for my needs specifically. Check out my list and pick a few to use in different areas of your home. In my bedroom I have a diffuser filled with lavender oil for a calming effect. In my office it’s all about lemon to keep me focused as it helps with concentration. In my bathroom I like to use Eucalyptus as it’s known to rejuvenate the spirit and stimulate the immune system.

Have fun playing around with scent and choose one not based solely on what you need. The scent must elicit a positive emotion or it is not the one for you. 

Vanilla- Fights infection, PMS, lowers blood pressure and increases libido

Citrus- Boosts serotonin, the feel good hormone to fight depression

Jasmine- one of nature’s antidepressants it also helps w/ fatigue and anxiety

Lavender- calming, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever 

Cinnamon- focus and concentration

Peppermint- energy booster, concentration, digestion, nausea

Rosemary- improves memory retention

Cinnamon- focus and concentration

Eucalyptus- invigorating, immune boosting