Making my bed every day is something that I’ve been doing for so long it’s a natural part of my daily routine. I can remember my mother teaching me about hospital corners, keeping the open side of the pillowcases facing out, and neatly folding my quilt at the end of my bed. I had no idea at the time this would be one of the most impactful lessons she ever taught me.

I’ll start by sharing a little about my history. My father served our country in the United States Air Force for 20 years. My mother proudly by his side, they raised me and my brothers to honor, respect, and serve our community. They modeled this through charitable work and community outreach and by just being overall good people. They were honest, family-focused people with a strong moral compass. Where all of this was important in creating a good foundation they also taught us some very simple and basic habits. Simple tasks that had a ripple effect and would change the trajectory of each and every day.

The most impactful lesson I can remember and still follow through with each and every day is making my bed in the morning. I recently saw this video on Facebook and it blew me away! As noted in a commencement speech by a United States Navy Seal, starting your day by making your bed is the foundation of every great achievement. Once you’ve made your bed you will also feel a sense of accomplishment. You will have completed the first task of the day and that will lead to another task and then another. This leads to a sense of pride which then leads to confidence and determination.

As an entrepreneur, this has helped me tremendously. I still make my bed every morning. As I began living more mindfully and started sharing it in my business I learned about Mindful bed making. I had no idea what mindfulness was as a child but I now know I was practicing it each and every morning.

For as long as I can remember this became a time for me to prepare for my day ahead. It served and still does as a form of moving meditation and the first practice of being mindful each day. As I make my bed each morning I give gratitude for a beautiful place to rest and as I throw the last pillows on I set my intention for the day. I wasn’t setting intentions as a kid but I was definitely preparing my mind for the day ahead. Check out this video. It’s the best example I can use for mindful bed making and I love the animation. 

Taking 3-5 minutes each morning to clear your mind, honor your space, and build determination for the day seems like a lot of reward for very little output. Try it for one week, you will soon find its life-changing.