If asked, could you create an inventory list of everything you own?

Chances are most of you answered no. What if I told you that part of the reason you are not getting the things that you want in your life is locked up in the stuff surrounding you?

I was once guilty of this myself. I would hold onto things from my past for memories’ sake, but then I learned about manifesting the life I wanted and everything changed.

I come from a family of sentimental people. I love this about them but each wonderful moment in time does not need to be memorialized. In fact, when we do this we are holding onto the past and not allowing the newness of the future any room to come in. This can manifest itself in many ways and I’ll give you examples of how the things that you surround yourself with help to shape your experience and the life you live.

To understand how this works you must first understand the science behind what makes this happen. It’s really quite simple. Albert Einstein said it best. “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.

A lot of us are still pondering the concept of energy and the fact that inanimate objects are all made of the same matter that we are made of. Our thoughts and the emotions behind them to be included. The best thing I can do here is to jump right into a few examples of how this has worked in my client’s lives.

Example 1:

I recently helped a client of 10 years simplify her new condo and downsize to create a new home office. She is incredibly evolved in her mindfulness practice and has been able to attract abundance in all areas of her life but one, Love. Now believe me she has no trouble attracting men, in fact, it’s quite the opposite but the one true and lasting love has yet to surface. She has had a few committed relationships that after a year or two will drift away having served its purpose as a place holder in her life. She’s so well-rounded in every area of her life that she is now wide open to letting someone new in to share it with.

I noticed her rose quartz placed appropriately and considered all other points mentioned and wondered what could be throwing this off. It wasn’t long into the simplifying process that we found the culprit. There sat an old wedding dress from a previous relationship. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My first thought was “we can fix this and manifest love.” It was as simple as letting go of the dress. When she first saw the dress her initial thought led her to feel the emotions attached to it. Most likely the emotions associated with this dress were not good ones. This sends messages to the universe and you begin co-creating. This is why it’s so important to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

On a deeper level, the dress being in her life was sending a message that she didn’t have room in her life for lasting relationships. Holding onto the wedding dress that never got to be worn could be sending a message that she will never wear one. So, off the dress went leaving the doors wide open for the universe to send her the abundance of love she deserves to experience in this lifetime.

Example 2:

My client was desperately trying to get promoted from her admin position to a Client rep for a prestigious marketing company and wanted my help setting up her home office. When I arrived, her home was in perfect order. Very little if any simplifying was needed. Some simple tweaks to her furniture and we were off to a great start.

When I entered the office, I was actually quite pleased. Much like the rest of the house her office was in good order w/out loads of clutter. Her decor was nice but definitely overshadowed by her choice of paint color. It was a very bad yellow. When asked she told me the previous homeowners used that room for a baby nursery and she just never got around to painting it. This was the first change we made. When I asked her if she liked the color she told me that it made her feel irritable. This was not surprising to me as yellow is a stimulant and should be used sparingly.

We changed the color to a blue tone that inspired her and made her feel happy. Her office faces North so blue follows the good fengshui principle and represents the water element.

So the color of the office made a big difference but the biggest change was in her decor. The more time I spent there the more things I saw that could be blocking her from the success she so badly wanted. On the bookshelf were several books on support staff subjects. Plenty of how-to books on things only admins do that were keeping her mind and life right where she was. She even had a few signs displayed “assistant of the year award,” “my work is their vacation.” None of these said anything about the life she wanted.

We replaced those messages with inspirational photos and words of encouragement. I found a fantastic photo of her crossing the finish line of her first marathon. We framed it and placed it on a shelf with a sign nearby that reads “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

She later wrote to me to let me know that she not only got the promotion she so badly wanted she jumped to the next level! They told her that her ‘determination‘ was admirable!

The messages you place around you are crucial in creating the life that you want. The universe hears more than we do so be careful what you think and design a home that invites all that you desire. Simplify your way to abundance by ridding yourself of anything that evokes negative emotions, triggers bad memories, or is not necessary for the life you desire and intend to live.