Something as simple as sweeping your front porch regularly invites new energy and the ability to attract the life you want to live.

Maybe you want to attract new friends, new business opportunities, better health. No matter what it is that you want to welcome into your life it won’t happen without taking some action.

Think of your home entry as the gateway to what you want. Creating an inviting entry and honoring the space by keeping it clean and fresh will invite great things. When your entry is dirty, dark, cluttered with shoes and other unappealing things, it doesn’t scream come inside. The chaos creates a blockage just as it does inside the human body.

Consider sweeping a form of mediation.

As you sweep each day set your intention and envision the healthy life, the new business, new friends or social life that you intend to attract.

Keep in mind that consistency is key. Keep the same intention each day that you sweep. Change it up with a new one when you’re ready. I like to create a new one at the start of each week. Remember, frequency attracts frequency. The more you repeat this and believe it, the closer you are to bringing what you desire into your life. Trying to repeat something that you don’t quite connect with yet? It’s ok, over time you will. That’s the magic of repetition combined with trust in the universe.

One of the best things about all of this is? You will feel a renewed sense of happiness every time you arrive home carrying those good vibes inside. Your guests will enter the same way and your home will be filled with happy energy.