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Mindful Living Consultations

Sometimes all we need is a little guidance to get us started on a new path. During this session we discuss the blocks you’re facing in your daily life, the goals you are setting out to achieve and a plan of action on how to get there.
Combining my experience as a counselor, more than a decade of home design, 5 years of mindful living education and my desire to help you live your best life.

“Diana goes out of her way to not only speak effectively,  she listens with great interest and care- a rare combination.”

Keith, Alexandria, VA

House Cleansings

Feeling stuck or uninspired? You likely need to shift the energy in your home to align with your goals and desires.

Session includes an overall assessment on energy flow, smudging and blessing the space, crystal placement and energy shifting using visualization and mantras designed for your intention.

Whether you’re in a new home, experiencing major life changes, or just feeling blocked emotionally, a cleansing session can do wonders to free up the energy in your home.

I have a vast network of spiritual masters to connect you with depending on your needs. From Reiki masters to Shamans.

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“Diana’s energy and playful spirit are a breath of fresh air and highly contagious. She made what started out to be stressful for me a completely enjoyable and uplifting experience.”

Lara W. Asheville, NC

Staging & Design

The home should be a complete sensory experience.

The sights, sounds, smells, and feeling of the things we surround ourselves with all work to create the feelings we have about our homes, and ourselves.

Are you looking to make changes but aren’t sure where to start?

My in-home assessments help to create a prioritized list of improvements and a plan of action to getting it all done.

By incorporating function, aesthetics and wellness, I help you design a home that inspires you to live your best life.

Real estate staging services can be done in person or virtually and takes about 2 hours.

“Diana made me feel comfortable and accepted from the start. Her guidance was exactly what I needed. My life changed overnight”

Sharon S. Potomac, MD

Sacred Spaces

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make sure the now is the primary focus of your life. – Eckhart Tolle

Meditation is one of the healthiest things you can incorporate into your daily life. Most of the people that I’ve helped had a hard time with consistency in their practice because they didn’t have a designated space for it. While others were beginners and didn’t know where to start. Now that we are spending more time at home it’s even more important to have a sacred space just for you.

During your Sacred Spaced consultation we will tap into what you need to deepen your meditation experience to better enhance your life. 

Color Consultations

The psychology of color is something that influences us on a daily basis. Understanding the best color for your home is not only an art, it’s a science and can affect many areas of your life. The proper use of color creates the harmony, peaceful relaxation, and inspiration we all crave in our homes.


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