Your bedroom should be your sanctuary.

A place to restore, relax and inspire. This room is the first visual imprint on our minds when we open our eyes to start each day. When you are sleeping in a clutter filled room of laundry, work papers and other odds and ends you go to sleep feeling overwhelmed and wake up to a mounting “to do” list.

The first thing to do to get that Zen feeling in your bedroom is to purge. The only items that should be permitted in the bedroom are clothes, bedding and personal memorabilia. Anything else should be placed elsewhere. That means, no mail, excess newspapers and magazines or anything else not related to sleeping or getting dressed.

I have walked into countless master bedrooms that have treadmills in them. Almost always they are being used as a clothes rack instead of exercise equipment. This is sending a mixed message to your mind and body. If the room is a place of rest you cant also make it a place to work out. If your home allows for you to move this to another location it’s the best thing you can do to open the space and invite new energy to flow through.

Your bedroom is a wonderful place for personal photos but be sure to limit how many and how they are displayed. I recommend having only one framed photo on the bedside table. Consider framing and hanging them instead to keep your surface spaces clear.

To avoid having those piles of clean clothes laying around be sure there is plenty of room in your closet to make it easy to put them away. We only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time so chances are you can purge a great deal of clothing to make space for easy maintenance. It almost never fails when I am working with a client I always hear, “I forgot I had that sweater!” Of course you did because it was on the floor behind a box full of misc items that don’t belong in a closet. Start by removing all non-clothing items from your closet then begin the purge of clothing you have no intention of wearing. If this is a challenge for you grab a friend or professional organizer to give you the push you need to make those decisions on what to keep and what to purge.

I’m often asked about a workspace in the bedroom. I am 100% against this. Keeping work separate from your restoration space is paramount to a healthy work life balance.

My last bit of advice is to make your bed each day. I have done this every day since childhood and it really helps start my day feeling a bit more organized and ready to face the day. I’m not a hospital corners kind of girl and don’t expect you to be either. Tidy up your bed and make it inviting for later that night. Trust me, getting into a well made be is something we all enjoy and benefit from.

Your room should be your oasis from the world. A place to sign off and check out.
Sweet Dreams!