What We Do


At Simplify with Di, we can help you gain control of your space leaving you refreshed and inspired instead of stressed and overwhelmed. Our homes are a place to recharge and rest so keeping it organized for easy functionality is paramount to a healthy and balanced life. Whether you are a busy family or a single person household we can provide the assistance to create a space of calm and order. We strive not only to create order in your home, we also teach you methods to stay organized on your own.

  • 1 room or entire home
  • Organizing and downsizing for resale
  • Custom closet designs


We all know that staging sells homes and here’s why. People buy on emotion. Our team helps to transform your home to evoke the positive emotions we need your potential buyers to feel. Offering both consultations for homeowners with a comprehensive list of recommendations as well as supplemental staging we create that “Oh I want to live here feeling.”

  • Redesign for occupied listings
  • 2 hour consultation for sellers complete with Di’s recommendation list


We love all things design and when it comes to creating a space of your own, selecting the right home furnishings and decor is key. We can assist you with a complete room makeover, a redesign or simply styling and accessorizing with newly purchased items.

  • Redesign-Using what you own in a new way
  • Paint consultations
  • Kitchen and bath renovations
  • Complete room makeovers
  • Art and accessories curation and installation

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