“A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life”
Dali Lama

Are you ready to Simplify your life?

It’s possible to reimagine your space, find meaning in the things that surround you and create a home that you love coming home to.

Your needs are as unique as you are. You’ll find me to be flexible, reliable and yes, I love to have fun!

Let’s get this party started!


Having trouble finding your favorite yoga pants? Are you the person with a treadmill in your bedroom that is being used as a clothes rack? Your home should be a place to recharge and relax not a mounting to do list.

Keeping it organized for easy functionality is essential to a healthy and balanced life. I will help you make the most of every inch!


Are you trying to sell your home but your listing photos look more like an episode of hoarders? Are you a realtor that needs a teammate to initiate the changes needed to sell your property quickly and for more money?

I’m here to help. With a background in real estate and nearly 10 years of experience, I know exactly what you need to sell your property. I will provide you with a thorough checklist of improvements and don’t worry I can help implement these changes too. I’ve been known to make these changes on the fly during my walkthroughs leaving the homeowner with no “to do’s “ on their plate and a home that’s photo ready.


Did the 70’s call and ask for their wood paneling back? Are you still using Aunt Rita’s sofa from your first college apartment?

Your home should evolve and change as you do. Whether you need help hanging artwork, need to rework some items you already own or want to start new I will guide you to create a home that is naturally you. When we’re finished, you won’t want to leave!

Sacred Spaces

Mindful living is something that I practice in my daily life and is the foundation for everything that I do. Creating a space of your own to escape the madness of your everyday, practice yoga, meditate or to simply “just be” is essential to living a balanced and happy life.