Giving Back

“The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself in service of others.”
– Gandhi

One Common Unity
As a counselor to inner city youth, I fell in love with the concept of helping break the cycle of violence and create a life of peace and prosperity.

When I met the founder of One Common Unity at a friend’s wedding I instantly knew I wanted to get involved.

I’m proud to say that I currently sit on the executive Leadership Committee in hopes to bring more attention to their efforts and help raise awareness.

Supporting Local Artists

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

Supporting local artists has always been a goal of mine.

I’ve found some of the most inspiring local talent in DC. I use their work to create a unique look in my staging and design projects, which allows these artists to showcase their talent.

Meet Hernan Gigena. Argentinian born, he lives and works in Washington DC and has been voted DC’s best artist 5 years in a row.

Mentoring Women

Over the years I’ve mentored countless women who have successfully launched their own businesses!

Want a career like mine? I’ve got you covered!

I am launching a course to further educate women on how to create a successful staging and design career.


Listen to my conversation with Sarah Walton about mindfulness and simplifying your life!