Interior Redesign is the art of working with the things that you already own to transform your home. This is accomplished by rearranging your furniture and repurposing your accessories. This will result in a warm and inviting space that reflects your taste and personal style while giving them new life..  READ MORE >>

Create the ultimate first impression for that perspective buyer by staging your home. Staging is accomplished by bringing in new furnishings for a vacant property or using what your already have to best showcase the home in occupied properties. This is accomplished by depersonalizing rooms, removing clutter, and rearranging furniture and accessories .  READ MORE 

simplify with di can help you gain control over your life by organizing your problem areas. We understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be when you are surrounded by clutter and that most people are too busy to get their home properly organized or they just don't know how.   simplify with di not only helps you organize your closet and home, but assists in the deliberations on what to keep and what to donate or consign.  READ MORE >>

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