Creating an Outdoor Oasis

We all share the basic human need to connect with nature. Being outdoors awakens the senses and helps you connect to the present moment. Our bodies have evolved to physically require time outdoors every day. Without it, we won’t get the daily vitamin D necessary for...

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Where it all Began

From as early as the age of 12 I can remember organizing and decorating my friend’s bedrooms. Having a slumber party with me meant an organized closet, new pictures on the wall and other changes that were needed to create the happy spaces my childhood friends most...

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Vintage Décor-Miss Pixies

I have a love affair with anything vintage. From, lamps to chairs to vases and more. I try to incorporate vintage pieces into my designs when I can. I come from a long line of “collectors”. From my great, great grandmother down they treasured and kept furniture, decor...

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Dorothy said it best…. “There’s no place like home”